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Oxybreeze™ Breathing Exercise Device

Oxybreeze™ Breathing Exercise Device

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Unlock your full lung potential! 🫁


This essential tool is perfect for sports enthusiasts, whether you’re into track and field, running, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, or outdoor activities. Experience unmatched durability and safety with every breath.


Easy to Use and Clean


Its small size and hands-free operation make it the perfect companion for everyday breathing exercises. Easy to disassemble and clean—just rinse and dry—it ensures optimal hygiene and hassle-free maintenance.


Personalized Training


Tailor your lung training to your desired capacity with adjustable resistance settings. Start with lower resistance for initial familiarity, then gradually increase the resistance to strengthen your lung muscles.



Enhance Sports Performance


Boost your breathing quality and endurance with the Breathing Trainer. Strengthen your lung muscles for deeper, more efficient breaths, ideal for walking, running, or any physical activity. 


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