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Pain Relief Compression Socks - Buy 1 Pair Get 1 Pair

Pain Relief Compression Socks - Buy 1 Pair Get 1 Pair

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Product Name: Pain Relief Compression Socks - Buy 1 Pair Get 1 Pair Package Contains: 2 Item Material: Others Color: Colour as per availability Additional Information: Compression socks and stockings are designed for compression therapy Made from elastic fabrics that are designed to stretch and fit tightly around your legs and feet They apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles, promoting blood flow from your legs to your heart Anti-odor and anti-bacterial fabric to enhance hygiene Helps reduce inflammation & swelling to reduce pain Compression socks can also reduce pain and swelling in your ankles and legs 4 Level compression socks applies highest pressure near your ankle and the pressure drops as you move upwards Ideal for sitting or standing prolonged periods of time Weight: 150

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